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Sinalda UK

With over 30 years of industry experience, Sinalda UK is one of the world’s leading specialists in AC Voltage Stabilizers and Power Line Conditioning.

We’ve worked with companies all over the world safeguarding their electronic and electrical equipment against harmful voltage irregularities. From small local businesses to global organisations our services ensure that your business is always running with a stable, clean voltage supply. 

Our Voltage Control solutions ensure our Customers – from consumers and small businesses to the largest of global organizations – can be certain that their vital systems and manufacturing processes always receive a voltage supply that is stable and clean – free from the vagaries of the mains utility supply.

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Unparalleled Experience and Broad Capabilities

Our highly skilled and extensively trained staff are some of the most trusted and respected professionals in the industry. Our clients trust us with their business, and we strive to ensure they are always happy with our solutions. We’re constantly looking at ways we can improve our services and customer experience. 

The future of our business depends on our staff, so we ensure that we take good care of them, and they take good care of you. Headquartered in the UK, our staff have in-depth knowledge and experience to support our customers. Our experience with clients abroad has given us insights into overseas markets’ challenges and developments that we’ve been to apply here.  

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Extraordinary Quality at Competitive Prices

Our specialist design team in the UK is supported by engineers in the Far East. Our purpose-built ISO 9000 assembly plants enable us to deliver quality solutions to our customers. 

Our aim is to provide long-term performance for your business. We’re confident in the solutions we provide. Our confidence is reflected in our market-leading warranty provisions.

We offer premium services and solutions that yield a better result. Cheaper isn’t always better. Our pricing reflects the value of our solutions, the quality of the product and the years of experience we bring to your business. Our many returning customers are a testament to the quality of our products and services. 

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Customer-Centric in All We Do

Sinalda UK is a customer-centric organisation. Our locally based team of international and regional sales and support staff are responsive, supportive and reliable. We ensure that we fully understand your requirements and provide tailored solutions to meet your needs. 

Our innovation team is constantly striving to invent new and improved ways to ensure our business offerings evolve to support your business as needed. 

Market Leaders in Voltage Control

We are proud to be one of the market leaders in voltage control. Our experience, accountability and commitment to our customers is unrivalled. We’ve successfully supported our clients for over 30 years and look forward to building relationships with many more. 

With unrivalled experience and commitment to solving the power supply problems our customers face, you won’t find a team like Sinalda UK anywhere else in the world.

Market Leaders | Sinalda - SINALDA
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