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Why Sinalda UK?

Why Should You Always Insist On Sinalda UK?

Here are the top 10 reasons that make us the very best in our field and why you should always insist that your power protection solution is from Sinalda UK.

Sinalda Be quite clear, we offer probably the widest choice of AC Voltage Stabilizers and Power Line Conditioners available from any one source. With unique protection features that you will only find in Sinalda UK Voltage Stabilizers, our indoor and outdoor ranges cover ratings from 0.5 kVA to over 5,000 kVA, single-phase or three-phase, high or low voltage, standard and wide input voltage swing windows.
Sinalda Think Sinalda UK, think affordable QUALITY Power Protection. Our emphasis is, and always has been, on delivering quality in product and service. The importance of quality is the underlying principle that drives us in all aspects of our endeavours. Unlike some of our less reputable ‘bargain basement’ competitors we will never be found sacrificing quality for price. Only by consistently delivering exceptional long-term performance and quality are we able to consistently grow our business and endorse our product offerings with a truly market leading standard warranty of up to 5 Years.
Sinalda With over 30 years of experience in delivering power protection solutions, we know how important the endurability and dependability of our solutions is to our customers. Over the years we have built up an impressive list of satisfied customers and have proven well our designs in some of the world’s harshest and most demanding power environments.
Sinalda While we may not guarantee to be able to beat prices from some of our more ‘bargain basement’ competitors, we can always assure you of Best Value. Our pricing policy is designed to be highly competitive and consistent such that it meets all legal and regulatory requirements whilst always delivering outstanding value for money without compromising on technical performance or quality. Rarely are we beaten on price when compared ’like for like’ on specification and quality.
Sinalda Every power protection solution we offer is backed by the unrivalled experience we have gained in the world market over the last 25 years or more. In that time our unique design innovations have regularly set new performance levels which our competitors, good and bad, can only attempt to emulate. Today, our product offerings are, beyond doubt, market leaders in every way, combining the latest power engineering innovations and design with unparalleled protection features that clearly illustrate the expertise we have acquired in our field.
Sinalda We offer probably the best availability on power protection solutions. Many of our most popular ratings are readily available from stock at the factory or from one of our strategically located Service and Distribution Hubs. Where a solution is not readily available, due to our considerable investment in component inventory and fine-tuned accredited build processes, we are able to ensure very short lead times on deliveries – even for the largest of models!
Sinalda UK, with a strong and wide manufacturing base, is able to meet the requirements of customers from our own in-house professional resources. Where bespoke solutions are required we are able to call upon our extensive portfolio of proven standard designs and tailor offerings to accommodate, without breaking the bank, most individual specific requirements.
Sinalda We not only help our Customers to choose the most appropriate power protection solution for their particular applications, our dedicated teams of technical support specialists and service engineers are always on hand to deliver the best and most cost effective after sales support services. As a totally focused customer support organisation, the services offered by our company have evolved by developing close working relationships with our customers and careful identification of their specific needs. Our staff are probably the most experienced you will find in the industry and boast over 150 years of know-how in solving power problems and delivering affordable and dependable power protection solutions. By insisting on a power protection system from Sinalda UK you can rest assured that the quality of the pre and post sales support is second to none.
Sinalda Sinalda UK is one of the leading power protection solution providers, having been delivering power quality solutions for over 25 years. Our products are on duty throughout the world offering protection of vital equipment where the supply must never be found wanting – not even for a single second! With a network of regional offices, distribution hubs and service centres, and an ever growing list of approved resale partners and distributors we are never far away!

In a world of increasing regulation the need to comply with International Standards has never been greater. By insisting on Sinalda UK you can rest assured your power protection solutions are designed, manufactured and supplied to comply with leading international standards.

Be informed . .  . always insist on Sinalda UK

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