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Quality Assurance


Business Goal

We are committed to ensuring that our clients have total confidence in Sinalda UK to design, manufacture, supply and support a comprehensive range of Voltage Control solutions that comply with relevant leading international standards and specifications and that consistently meet or exceed customer expectations and requirements.

The relentless pursuit by all levels of our management and staff to ensure customer satisfaction is considered a fundamental prerequisite for maintaining our company’s position as one of the world’s leading specialist providers of AC Voltage Stabilisers  and associated Power Line Conditioning  solutions and safeguarding our company’s prosperity and continuing success in the long-term.

Business Management Processes & Systems

Quality of product and service is therefore essential and fundamental to ensuring we are able to obtain our Business Goal. As part of our business management process, we continually strive to ensure that our business systems conform to the requirements of BS / EN / ISO 9001.

Quality is derived from a staff commitment to service and excellence and our Executive Management Team actively support, promote and maintain an internal culture that respects and rewards the skills, loyalty and dedication of our employees.

We continuously look to strengthen our processes and capabilities by investing in state of the art business and manufacturing equipment, enhanced personnel training and applying the latest proven manufacturing improvement programs.


Through the ongoing management review of our Business Management Processes and Systems, we aim to constantly improve, at all levels and geographical

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