Volt Drop Compensators CVC Series

Single & Three Phase
3 to over 1000 kVA

Cable Volt Drop Problems?
Obtain huge savings on long cable runs

Installations with long cable runs have an inherent problem of developing large voltage drops across their cables. To overcome this it is necessary to select and use larger sized electrical cables in order to reduce such voltage drops to acceptable levels.

Today with ever-rising copper prices, are you spending far too much on those “over-sized” electrical cable runs?

Our range of both indoor and outdoor, cost-efficient AC Voltage Drop Compensators enable you to “compensate” for these expensive voltage drops, by boosting up voltage and keeping it constant – ensuring you are able to make SUBSTANTIAL savings on your electrical power cable costs.

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Volt Drop Compensators FAQ's

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A Volt Drop Compensator (also known as a Constant Voltage Compensator) is an electrical/electronic device installed at the end of a long electrical cable run to compensate for the volt drop inherent in the run. The use of a Voltage  Drop Compensator is recommended when significant savings can be made on the cable costs by eliminating the need to oversize the cables to compensate for any voltage drop.

With the Volt Drop Compensator installed at the end of the cable run where the volt drop is highest, it will continuously monitor and adjust the voltage to help maintain a constant voltage in accordance with IEE stipulated requirements of having a volt drop of no more than 4% and the need to compensate for any fluctuations in the utility mains supply.

With the cable being sized and selected without the need to overrate the cable for a volt drop,  the combined cable and Compensator cost should show a substantial overall cost saving compared to the cost of needing an oversized cable.

In addition, with a smaller sized cable selected, installation should be easier and less expensive.

Volt Drop Compensators (also known as Constant Voltage Compensators) are used to compensate for volt drops on long cable runs.

Typical applications include Golf Courses, Perimeter Lighting,  Airport Lighting, Parks & Gardens, Tunnels,  Bridges, Resorts, Telecommunication, Radio Broadcasting and Security & Surveillance.