Automatic Voltage Optimisers Energy Saving

AVO Series
Single & Three Phase
10 to over 1000 kVA

Voltage Optimisation
Cutting Energy Costs by up to 20% and ensuring we all do our bit for the environment

At Sinalda UK our AVO Automatic Voltage Optimisers reduce your energy usage by optimising the electricity supply voltage significantly reducing your ongoing electricity costs and, through the need for less energy, greatly assisting in the quest for reducing your carbon footprint.

In addition, our AVOs protects electrical equipment against damaging power surges and voltage transients. By ensuring an optimised supply voltage, your electrical load equipment should be able to operate more efficiently and be more likely to obtain the intended design life – with the added benefit of reduced ongoing equipment maintenance costs.

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Voltage Optimisers FAQ's

Here you’ll find answers to some of the more frequently asked questions when looking for a Voltage Optimiser.

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A Voltage Optimiser is an energy-saving device used to reduce the voltage supplied to the optimum level for connected electrical equipment and appliances.

For the European market, electrical equipment manufacturers typically design their systems to operate at 220 volts. In the UK, where the generated supply voltage is on average 242 volts, and other countries where the supply is over 220 volts, their application results in more energy consumption than is actually required.

An Automatic Voltage Optimiser (AVO) can reduce your energy usage by optimising the utility mains supply voltage to ensure the delivery of the load equipment’s intended operating voltage. By doing this, they can reduce your ongoing electricity costs and, by providing the need for less energy, greatly assist in the global quest of reducing humanities carbon footprint.

In the market today there are basically two types of Voltage Optimisers – the ‘Fixed’ type and the enhanced ‘Dynamic’ type. All our Voltage Optimisers are of the dynamic kind.

The basic “Fixed” Voltage Optimiser delivers a fixed percentage voltage reduction. The level of the reduction is typical set at the time of installation by choosing the most appropriate “tap” on the system’s output transformer.

A “Dynamic” Voltage Optimiser takes voltage optimisation to the next level by protecting electrical equipment against all too frequent damaging power brownouts, surges and voltage transients.  By ensuring an optimised and spike free supply voltage, your electrical load equipment should operate more efficiently and be more likely to obtain its intended design life. These additional features should also deliver the added benefit of reducing your load equipment’s ongoing maintenance costs when considered together.

As a general rule, the greater the difference between the utility mains supply and optimal voltages, the greater the potential for improving your energy efficiency and, as a result, realise savings on your electricity costs.

However, the level of savings obtainable will depend very much on the nature of the load and also the type of Voltage Optimiser selected. Therefore, when looking to install a Voltage Optimiser, it is highly recommended that you carry out a detailed survey to understand the load dynamics and possible energy savings.

The simple answer to this question is YES. But, while Voltage Optimisation can be cost-beneficial in commercial and industrial facilities, the obtainable savings do not usually justify the cost in the average domestic environment.

It is always recommended before you look to buy a Home Voltage Optimiser, you carry out an investigation to understand the nature of the load in your dwelling and the potential savings available to each of the identified load types. Usually, changing your lighting to a more energy-efficient solution will deliver a better rate of return on your money spend.