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Sinalda UK Reseller & Partner Programs

From the Informed Global Choice in Voltage Stabilizer Solutions

When you become an Approved Reseller or Authorised Partner, you will discover that teaming up with Sinalda UK is an easy, smart and profitable move for your business.

Designed to recognize and reward commitment, our programs provide the flexibility and expertise that both you and your customers deserve.


The Ever Growing Need

Today, more than ever, power quality disturbances cost the World Economy hundreds of billions of US dollars each and every year. In all countries, with national power generators struggling to satisfy demand and meet the requirements of the rapidly expanding global digital economy, the cost to business of poor power quality is escalating and escalating fast.

Reseller Program | Sinalda - SINALDA
Partner Program | Sinalda - SINALDA

Rising To The Challenge

With power consumers becoming ever more aware of the key competitive importance of ensuring the quality of power, the demand for voltage stabilizer solutions continues to grow significantly year-on-year. At Sinalda UK, due to our strong and wide manufacturing base, we are extremely well positioned to step up to meet the resulting business opportunities.

Expanding Availability

The world comes to Sinalda UK for voltage stabiliser solutions, and we are equally keen to bring our experience and advice to you. As part of our strategy to broaden the general availability of our voltage stabilizer solutions, in markets where we have no direct representation, we seek to collaborate with local market specialist companies to pro-actively promote and support our products.


Exceptional Revenue Potential

Delivering an exceptional revenue potential, our comprehensive range of market leading Voltage Stabilisation Solutions are an excellent addition to any reseller’s product portfolio. With our keen and aggressive pricing model, our resale partners are ensured of a competitive edge and by collaborating together we ensure our Voltage Stabilizer Solutions are well positioned to take advantage of the broadening business opportunities.

Collaboration Teamwork

Backed by more than 30 years of industry experience, our Sinalda UK Business Development Collaboration Programs are based on working together to develop and maintain a successful resale channel – learning from each other and through building strong relationships grow our business – adding value for all parties concerned.

Collaboration Teamwork | Sinalda - SINALDA
Have You Got What It Takes?

Every year we are contacted with many requests from prospective resellers wishing to market our Voltage Stabilizer Solutions. We are very careful as to whom we choose to represent the Sinalda UK brand and associated solutions. Businesses must be prepared to demonstrate a high level of commitment to our solutions and be suitably qualified to sell, support and ideally ultimately stock appropriate Stabilizer. Solutions.

Program Advantages

Sinalda UK reseller collaboration programs are specifically designed to deliver what you, and your customers, need most.

Program Advantages:

Higher profit margins and a well-managed distribution channel make Sinalda UK Voltage Stabiliser products an excellent revenue source for you.

Sinalda UK is recognized as a technology leader in Voltage Stabilization delivering cutting-edge advancements within our product ranges.

As an Sinalda UK Authorised Reseller, you’ll have access to all the tools and support you need to effectively grow your business, including dedicated sales and technical support, and much more!

Collaboration Program | Sinalda - SINALDA

Interested? To take the first step in becoming an accredited reseller, and to join the Sinalda UK winning team, please complete and submit our Registration Form

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