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Audiophile Protection

Delivering Audio Sound Quality Perfection.

In the pursuit of true perfection in sound reproduction the quality of the mains supply can be an important factor. While the fitting of a basic inexpensive surge suppressor may be adequate for most audio enthusiasts, for those audiophiles seeking near flawlessness audio reproduction, an AC Power Line Conditioner will often prove to be, whilst somewhat pricey, the only really acceptable solution.

With its inbuilt shielded isolation transformer, an AC Power Line Conditioner will not only stabilise the voltage it will also eliminate common and normal electrical noise interference and, through shorting the neutral to earth, any floating voltages on the Neutral to Earth line will be eradicated – a feature option particularly relevant for US applications where the neutral often floats.

At Sinalda UK our ranges of AC Voltage Stabilisers and Power Line Conditioners are ideal for this style application and we regularly supply power protection solutions to staunch audiophiles and semi / professional sound engineers for use in their home based recording studios.

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