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Delivering Power to Telecom Systems for Maximum Efficiency & Reliability

Telecommunication and Broadcasting Station sites all over the world are regularly faced with power problems, from low mains voltage to lightning spikes and voltages surges. Often situated in remote and unmanned locations, ignoring these irregularities in the utility supply feed can result in costly equipment failure and unscheduled, disruptive and expensive downtime.

Today, with the increased sophistication of the electronics within broadcast and communication equipment,  ensuring a quality power source has never been more important.

At Sinalda UK we offer efficient, reliable and cost-effective voltage stabilisation and power conditioning solutions which are extremely well suited for telecommunication and broadcasting applications. Our power protection solutions suppress lightning spikes, voltage surges and keep the mains utility voltage stable and constant. As specialists within our field, our expertise and power protection solutions are regularly relied upon by leading broadcasting and communication providers throughout the world to solve their site power supply problems.

TV Broadcasting, Radio and Telephone Transmitters, Relay Stations, Radar Installations, Navigational Beacons,

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