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Static Voltage & Frequency Converters FCL-FX Series

Single-Phase Fixed Output3 to 150 kVA

Single-Phase Fixed Output
Static Voltage & Frequency Converters


The Sinalda UK FCL-FX range of Single-Phase Fixed Output Static Voltage and Frequency Converters / Changers allows the connection of 60 Hz powered equipment to a 50 Hz supply and 50 Hz powered equipment to a 60 Hz supply. Where required, they can convert the supply voltage to a different voltage to match the requirement of the load.

In addition, FCL -FX Frequency Converters keep the load equipment running through utility voltage fluctuations and frequency variations, delivering a stable and clean voltage and frequency supply to the load equipment.

Supplied in IP20 style enclosures for indoor use, models are available in 15 different power ratings from 3 to 150 kVA.  Where requested, they can be provided housed in IP54 / NEMA 3 Style enclosures suitable for outdoor, or more challenging internal environments

Suitable for all load kinds, including Resistive, Inductive, and Capacitive types, models are available for situations where the incoming mains utility supply is either 220 to 240V (H Series),  100 to 127V (L Series) or, 254 to 346V (HX Series).

 As is often required for Aviation and Military applications, on special request, models are also available configured to deliver a 400 Hertz output. 

To learn more about our range of  Single-Phase Fixed Output Static Voltage and Frequency Converters / Changers available from Sinalda UK, please check out the following listings, or download the brochure below:


Standard Features include:

Wide Range of Power Ratings (15 Models)
Galvanically Isolated with Pure Sine Wave Output
Suitable for all Load Types (see Tech Spec)
Uncomplicated and Simple to use Set-Up and Operation
Precise Fixed Output Voltage & Frequency Regulation
Solid-State PWM IGBT Design
Front Display / Control Panel with Parameter Output Metering – Frequency, Voltage, Current and Loading
Input & Output Circuit Breakers
Inbuilt Overload & Surge Protection
Compact Floor Standing Enclosures on Castors (IP54/NEMA 3 Outdoor Enclosure Option)
Compliance with leading International Standards
2 Year / 24 Month Warranty

Note: Other voltage and frequency configurations available on request/quotation.

Note: Other voltage and frequency configurations available on request/quotation.

Note: Other voltage and frequency configurations available on request/quotation.

 – Phase:Single Phase, 2 Wire (1P+N+GE)
 – Model Nos:FCL-3*-S10-FX  to  FCL-150*-S10-FX
 – Power Ratings:12 Model Ratings-
(2.4kW), 5kVA (4kW), 10kVA (8kW), 15kVA (12kW), 20kVA (16kW), 30kVA (24kW), 45kVA (36kW), 60kVA (48kW), 75kVA (60kW), 100kVA (80kW), 120kVA (96kW) & 150 kVA (120kW)
 – Design Topology:Static Solid State – Sine Wave Pulse Width Modulated (SPWM)
 – Voltage:HL, H, & HHX Models – 220V / 230V / 240V ±10%
LH & L Models – 100V / 110V / 120V / 127V ±10%
HXH Models – 254V / 265V / 277V / 346V ±10%
(Customer to Specify)
 – Frequency:47 to 63Hz ±5%
 – Rectifier:6 Pulse
 – Power Factor:0.8PF
 – Voltage:HL, LH & HXH Models – 220V / 230V / 240V ±1%
HL & L Models – 100V / 110V / 120V / 127 ±1%
HHX Models – 254V / 265V / 277V / 346V ±1%
(Customer to Specify)
 – Frequency:All H Models – 60Hz ±0.05%
All L & HX Models – 50Hz ±0.05%
400Hz Output & Other Frequencies (15 to 1000Hz) available to individual quotation / request
 – Wave Form:Pure Sine Wave
 – Efficiency:≥ 85%
Metering, Alerts & Communication:
 – Front Display Panel:Digital Display & Control Panel with Phase Selector Parameter Metering and On / Off Push Buttons
 – Digital Metering:Frequency (Hz)Output Frequency – 4 Digit LED Display
 Voltage (Volts)Output Voltage – 4 Digit LED Display
 Current (Amps)Load Current – 4 Digit LED Display
 Load (Watts)Loading Watts – 4 Digit LED Display
Protection Features:
 – Surge Protection:BS EN 61000-4-5 Level 3
 – EPO:Front Panel Power Off Button
 – Overload Protection:3x max current rating for 2 seconds – with Output Cut Off after 2 seconds
 – Short Circuit Protection:Output Cut Off Immediately (Input & Output Circuit Breaker Protection)
 – Operating Temperature Range:-10°C to +45°C
 – Storage Temperature Range:-40°C to +50°C
 – Maximum Altitude:100 meters (derate by 1% per 100 meters up to 2000 meters)
 – Relative Humidity:0 to 95% (non-condensing)
 – THD – Harmonic Distortion:<3% for Linear Loads
<5% for Non-Linear Loads
 – Audible Noise:@ 1 meter 50 to 65 dBA (dependent on model rating)
 – Power Connections:Hardwire Input & Output (with bottom cable entry)
 – Construction:IP20 / NEMA 1 Style – BS EN 60529 (Option IP54 / NEMA 3 Style)
 – Dimmensions & Weights:Dependent on model rating and configuration
Sizes and weights available on individual request
Certification & Conformance:
 – EMC Conformance:BS EN 55022 and relevant parts of BS EN 61000
 – CE Certification:2014/30/EU (The EMC Directive) and 2014/35/EU (The Low Voltage Directive)
 – Warranty:2 Years / 24 Months from date of supply


How do you ensure the correct sizing of a Static Frequency Converter?
Our FCL Series of Static Voltage and Frequency Converters have both maximum kVA (Apparent Power) ratings and kW (Real Power) ratings – the difference between the two being commonly referred to as the Power Factor.

In general, when sizing the Frequency Converter neither the kW nor kVA rating of a Frequency Converter should be exceeded.

Equipment nameplate ratings are often stated in kVA, which makes it difficult to know the kilo-watt ratings. If using equipment nameplate ratings for sizing, a user might configure a system, which appears to be correctly sized based on kVA ratings, but actually exceeds the Frequency Converters kW rating. By sizing the kVA rating of a load to be no greater than 60% of the kVA rating of the Converter, it minimizes the risk of exceeding the Watt rating of the Converter. Therefore, unless you have a high certainty of the Watt ratings of the loads, the safest approach, and widely considered to be the ‘best practice’, is to keep the sum of the load nameplate ratings below 60% of the converters kVA rating.

Where the load type is inductive in nature such as motors (fans, pumps, etc), solenoids, and relays it is essential that high inrush current and short-time overload factors are fully considered. With motors (without a soft start facility) typically drawing on start-up current 5 to 7 times the stated rating of the motor it is recommended that a Frequency Converter is selected that is 3 times the stated rated capacity of the load.

Sales & Support

Data Sheet
Guide Specification
Operator / User Manual

CE & UKCA Certification 

FCL Series Single-Phase Fixed Output Static Voltage and Frequency Converters comply with the relevant European Union – and corresponding UK – health, safety, and environmental protection directives and regulations and are duly CE / UKCA marked.

Sinalda UK Declaration

EMC Directive – 2014/30/EU – in force from April 2016
Low Voltage Directive – 2014/35/EU – in force from April 2016

and corresponding UK regulations

Independent 3rd Party Verification Certificates

EMC Directive – 2014/30/EU – in force from April 2016
Low Voltage Directive – 2014/35/EU – in force from April 2016

If you do not find the Static Voltage & Frequency Converter that meets your application’s exact needs, please contact us with your specific detailed requirements.