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Voltage Drop Compensation

Delivering huge saving in cabling costs for house builds in remote locations.

When looking to build a house in a remote location the cost of obtaining a mains supply connection can often be prohibitive.

The problem is that a long cable run will probably be required from the nearest distribution substation to the house. Such long cable runs have an inherent problem of developing large volt drops across their length. Conventional wisdom says that to overcome this it is necessary to select and use larger sized cables.

Unfortunately, with ever rising copper prices, these oversized cables do not come cheap!

By using a voltage stabiliser at the home to compensate for the inherent voltage drop in the mains supply feed cable, the need for oversized cables can be eliminated and huge cost savings made on cable costs.

At Sinalda UK, stabilisers used for this type of application are referred to us Constant Voltage Compensators, being stabilisers specifically configured to eliminate the inherent voltage drop in long cable runs.

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