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Voltage in Bonaire

Last Updated: 01 November 2021


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Power Quality in Bonaire

Bonaire is a small Caribbean island that is part of the Netherlands. The island has a population of around 20,000 people and relies on tourism as its main source of income. With a small population and a relatively small electricity demand, the island needs a reliable and scaleable electricity supply network to support its citizens and growing tourism. While power outages and voltage fluctuations are uncommon, they do occur and are usually attributed to equipment failures or severe weather conditions, such as hurricanes or tropical storms.

Power Sector in Bonaire

Water and Energy Company Bonaire (WEB) manages the electricity supply network on Bonaire. WEB is responsible for generating, distributing, and selling electricity on the island. The electricity is generated using a combination of renewable and non-renewable sources, with a focus on increasing the share of renewables.

WEB has significantly invested in renewable energy sources such as wind and solar power in recent years. This has led to a decrease in the use of fossil fuels and a decrease in greenhouse gas emissions. Currently, around 50% of the island’s electricity is generated by wind turbines, and a combination of diesel generators and solar panels generates the remainder.

Despite the focus on renewable energy, the reliability of the electricity supply network on Bonaire has been a concern in recent years. The island has experienced several power outages due to issues such as equipment failures and natural disasters. In September 2017, Hurricane Irma caused significant damage to the island’s electricity infrastructure, leading to widespread power outages. WEB has since made improvements to the infrastructure to withstand future storms better.

Additionally, the island’s small size means that it is dependent on a single electricity supply network, making it more vulnerable to power outages. However, WEB has put measures in place to ensure a quick response time in the event of a power outage and to minimize the impact on customers.


In conclusion, the electricity supply network on Bonaire has made significant progress in transitioning to renewable energy sources, with around 50% of the island’s electricity generated by wind turbines. However, the network’s reliability has been a concern due to issues such as equipment failures and natural disasters. Despite this, WEB has committed to improving the infrastructure to withstand future storms and has implemented measures to ensure a quick response during power outages.

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