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Claude Lyons TS Voltage Stabilisers

Claude Lyons TS Series Voltage Stabilisers -
Download the Sinalda Alternatives Report

With Claude Lyons ceasing trading in the summer of 2016, you may well now be looking for a replacement, or alternative source, for a comprehensive range of Quality Single & Three Phase Servo Electronic AC Voltage Stabilisers / Regulators.

Our mSVR and SVS ranges of AC Voltage Stabilisers are similar in design topology to the Claude Lyons TS Series, and are widely held to be the finest in class of affordable Quality AC Voltage Stabilisers / Regulators.

If you would like to learn more about Sinalda’s alternatives to Claude Lyon’s TS Range of Servo Voltage Stabilisers, please download the alternative Sinalda offering report below.


About Sinalda UK

Sinalda is one of the world’s leading specialists in AC voltage stabilisers and power line conditioning – working with companies across the globe to provide state-of-the-art power control solutions. 

With a century’s worth of combined industry experience, Sinalda is renowned for a tailored approach that guarantees the very best results for clients and a clean, stable voltage supply – collaborating with major corporations and small businesses alike. 


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