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Servo Electronic

Voltage Stabilisers & Power Conditioners
Single & Three Phase
1 to 600 kVA

Servo Voltage Stabilisers

With over 30 years of unrivalled experience, gained in some of the world’s most challenging and demanding power environments, our SVR & SVS ranges of Servo Electronic / Electro-Dynamic Stabilisers are able to handle the widest of input voltage windows (up to ±40%).

Suitable for 95% of all applications, they not only guard against voltage fluctuations they also offer protection against all too frequent harmful high-energy surges, transients, and voltage spikes.

Our latest generation of feature-rich, Servo Voltage Stabilisers are our finest to date,  widely regarded as being the “Best in Class.”

Now remastered for the specific needs of today’s ‘Digital Age,’ they include as standard many advanced protection features – usually only available from others as additional expensive add-on options.

1 to 600 kVA


Servo Voltage Stabilisers available

2 Wire

Our Latest Generation of Cost-Efficient Digitally controlled Voltage Stabilisers and basic Power Conditioners for the smaller General Commercial & Light Industrial Applications.

Also available in 19″ Rack-Mountable and IP54/NEMA 3 Style Enclosures.

2 Wire

Our traditional offering of smaller Stabilisers, ideally suited for both Commercial & more Industrial Applications.

Also available in IP54 / NEMA 3 Style Enclosures (-IP54 Option) and as Power Line Conditioners (-PC Option)

2 Wire

Ideal for most General Commercial & Industrial Applications

Also available in IP54 / NEMA 3 Style Enclosures (-IP54 Option) and as Power Line Conditioners (-PC Option)

Split Single Phase
2 Wire to 3 Wire

Specifically configured for electrical distribution systems commonly found in North American residential and light commercial buildings

Also available in IP54 / NEMA 3 Style Enclosures (-IP54 Option) and as Power Line Conditioners (-PC Option)

4  or 3 Wire

Our Traditional Servo Electronic Stabiliser design remastered for today’s demanding power environments

Also available in IP54 / NEMA 3 Style Enclosures (-IP54 Option) and as Power Line Conditioners (-PC Option)

Servo Voltage Stabilisers FAQ's

Here you’ll find answers to some of the more frequently asked questions when looking for a Servo Voltage Stabilizer.

We also have a dedicated FAQ page where we try to answer other questions. Visit the FAQ page.

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A Servo Voltage Stabiliser utilises a tried, tested and well-proven traditional electro-mechanical design topology to ensure that the connected load equipment receives a continuous, smooth and stable voltage supply within limits required for the connected equipment to operate efficiently.
A Servo Voltage Stabiliser uses a motorised Variable Transformer to alter the voltage applied to the primary winding of a Buck/Boost transformer. The ratio of the primary to secondary windings of the Buck/Boost transformer ensures that an accurate control of the output voltage can be achieved, typically within ±1% or the required output voltage. The speed of correction of the output voltage is determined by the electro-mechanical arrangement of the motorised Variable Transformer.
Servo Voltage Stabilizers are suitable for 90% of all domestic, commercial and general industrial applications where it is necessary to supply the connected load equipment with a stable step-less voltage supply. However, for highly sensitive loads where the time taken to correct a voltage fluctuation is critical, or there is a need for a virtually maintenance-free solution, a Solid State / Static Electronic based Voltage Stabilizer may be more appropriate for the situation. For highly demanding industrial applications, where the power environment can be exceptionally challenging, a more rugged Industrial Voltage Stabiliser will probably be a better solution.

In theory, with a hardwired system installing a servo Voltage Stabilizer is a relatively straightforward exercise that can be carried out by any reasonably competent electrician using universal available skill sets whilst following at all times best local safety practices.

For indoor applications, the Servo Voltage Stabiliser should be installed in a clean, dust-free location, with adequate ventilation or air-conditioning.

The current capacity of the supply cable should be chosen to suit the specified rated output of the Stabiliser at its minimum specified input voltage, with the feed supply being suitably fused/protected. Care should be taken to ensure that the supply fuse/circuit breaker is correctly sized to provide tripping discrimination between the circuit protection devices.

With most smaller single phase Servo Voltage Stabilisers (below 13 Amps in rating) such systems are generally connected to a local standard ring mains socket.  Such Stabilizers are typically supplied as ‘Plug N Play’ solutions so the User can simply carry out the installation without relying on the services of an electrician.