Voltage Stabilisers / Regulators mSVS Series

Servo Electronic
Single Phase
1 to 10 kVA

mSVS Series - Single-Phase
Servo Electronic AC Voltage Stabilizers -
1 to 10kVA

Our long-standing traditional smaller rated Servo Electronic / Electro-Dynamic range, offering a permissible input voltage window of ±15%, whilst delivering on the output an output voltage accuracy of ±1%.

Suitable for 98% of all applications. Especially popular as a highly endurable regulation solution for more industrial-style applications.

Offered as two ranges, in ratings from 1 to 10 kVA, H Series models support international 220 to 240 Volt mains supplies and L Series models support US-Style utility supplies of 100 to 127 volts.

To learn more about the range of  Single-Phase SVS Voltage Stabilisers and Power Conditioners available from Sinalda UK, please check out the following listings, or download the brochure below:


Standard Features include:

Automatic Step-Less Voltage Stabilisation / Regulation 
Cost-Efficient Servo Electronic Design 
Precise Output Voltage Accuracy (Adjustable ±1% to ±5%) 
Extremely Low Maintenance 
TVSS – Transient Voltage Surge & Spike Suppression Protection 
Inbuilt High Overload Capability 
Over / Low Voltage Indication 
Start Up Load Protection 

Front Display Panel & Monitoring

  • Output Analogue Voltage Metering
  • Operational Status Indication
Automatic Restart on Mains Failure
Input Circuit Breaker  
Electronic Controls Bypass Switch 
Hard Wire Input & Output (with Rear Cable Entry) 
Freestanding IP20 Indoor Enclosure 
Built to comply with leading International Standards 
Supplied with a 3 Year / 36 Months Warranty 

SELECT | Permissible Input Voltage Window Options (S*):

Swing OptionsNominal VoltageMax Model Rating
S15±15%187 to 253V196 to 265V204 to 276V10 kVA
S20±20%176 to 264V184 to 276V192 to 288V5 kVA
S25±25%165 to 275V173 to 288V180 to 300V5 kVA

SELECT | Required Power Rating:

Power Rating (kVA)Max Rating (Amps per Phase)SVS-H-S* Model No
=Select Swing Option Required)
1 kVA4.5A4.3A4.2AmSVS-1H-S15~S25
2 kVA9.1A8.7A8.3AmSVS-2H-S15~S25
3 kVA13.6A13.0A12.5AmSVS-3H-S15~S25
4 kVA18A17A17AmSVS-4H-S15~S25
5 kVA23A22A21AmSVS-5H-S15~S25
8 kVA36A35A33AmSVS-8H-S15
10 kVA46A44A42AmSVS-10H-S15

Note: All mSVS-Stabilisers are designed to support the full load at minimum input volts and maximum ambient temperature.

SELECT | Permissible Input Voltage Window Options (S15):

Swing OptionsNominal VoltageMax Model Rating
S15±15%85 to 115V94 to 127V98 to 132V102 to 138V106 to 146V3 kVA

SELECT | Required Power Rating:

Power Rating (kVA)Max Rating (Amps per Phase)SVS-L-S15 Model No
1 kVA10A9A8.7A
2 kVA20A18A17.4A
3 kVA30A27A26A

All mSVS Stabilisers are designed to support the full load at minimum input volts and maximum ambient temperature

General Technical Specification

 – Design Topology:Servo Electronic – Variable Transformer controlled
 – Phase:Single Phase, 2 Wire (L+N+GE)
 – Model Nos:H SeriesSVS-1H-S* to SVS-100H-S* ( 1 to 100 kVA)
 L SeriesSVS-1L-S* to SVS-60L-S* (1 to 60 kVA)
 – Power Ratings:17 Model Ratings-
1kVA, 2 kVA, 3kVA, 4kVA, 5 kVA, 8 kVA, 10kVA, 15kVA, 20kVA, 25kVA, 30kVA, 40kVA, 50kVA, 60kVA, 75kVA, 80 kVA  & 100kVA
 – Frequency:50 / 60Hz (47 to 63Hz)
 – Power Factor:The Power Factor has no effect on performance providing the stabilizer is being used within its rated capacity
 – Nominal Voltage:H Series 220V – 230V – 240V, Single Phase, 2 Wire (L+N+GE)
L Series110V – 120V – 127V, Single Phase, 2 Wire (L+N+GE)
 – Input Voltage Window Options (S*):S15Nominal ±15% (All Series)
 S20Nominal ±20% (All Series)
 S25Nominal ±25% (All Series)
 S30Nominal ±30% (All Series)
 S35Nominal ±35% (H Series Only)
 S40Nominal ±40% (H Series Only)
 – Voltage:H Series 220V – 230V – 240V (Customer to Specify), Single Phase, 2 Wire (L+N+GE)
 L Series100V – 110V – 120V – 127V (Customer to Specify), Single Phase, 2 Wire (L+N+GE)
 – Voltage Accuracy:S15 to S30 Option Models±1% (Default) – adjustable ±1% to ±5%
 S35 to S40 Option Models±1% (Default) – adjustable ±3% to ±5%
 – Response Time:Typically a 10% supply variation will be corrected to within 2.5% in 0.6 seconds
 – Overload Ratings:150% max. current rating for 10 seconds
 – Efficiency:≥98%
Metering, Alerts & Communication:
 – Front Display Panel:Digital Metering:Output Volts, and Load
 Status Indication:On, Output Over and Under Volts & Output Normal & SPD Fault
Protection Features:
 – Surge Protection:TVSS – Protects loads against high-energy Spikes and Transient Voltages
 – Lightning Surge Protection:Class II SPD – protection against extremely high voltage surges and transients caused by lightning strikes on the utility mains supply line
 – Input Breaker:Standard on all models – delivers over current input protection
 – Bypass:Inbuilt Bypass Switch enabling the bypassing of the electronic controls circuitry to provide power direct to the load
 – Operating Temperature Range:-15°C to +45°C
Derate by 2% for each additional °C up to max 60°C
 – Maximum Altitude:1000 meters (derate by 2.5% per additional 500 meters)
 – Relative Humidity:Suitable for indoor tropical use – 0 to 95% (non-condensing)
 – Power Connections:Hardwire Input & Output (with bottom cable entry)
 – Construction:IP20 / NEMA 1 Style – BS EN 60529
 – Paint Colour:RAL 7032 (Pebble Grey – Epoxy Powder Coating) – Other paint colours on specific request
 – Dimensions & Weights:Dependent on model rating and configuration
Sizes and weights available on individual request
Certification & Conformance:
 – EMC Conformance:BS EN 55022 and relevant parts of BS EN 61000
 – CE Certification:CE Marked – 2014/30/EU (The EMC Directive) and 2014/35/EU (The Low Voltage Directive)
 – Warranty:3 Years / 36 Months from date of supply
Optional Add-Ons: 
– Outdoor IP54 Enclosure (-IP54)Stabiliser presented in endurable IP54 (BS / EN 60529) / NEMA 3 free-standing steel cubicles suitable for external use, or more challenging internal environments
– Input Isolating Transformer (-PC)Through the integration of a shielded isolation transformer, provides enhanced spike & electrical noise (Common Mode: 120db @ 100khz & Normal Mode Noise: 60db @ 100khz) suppression and neutral ground bonding. Delivers what is commonly referred to as a ‘CLEAN’ supply
– Full Manual Maintenance Bypass (-MBS)An integrated/inbuilt traditional ‘Break Before Make’ bypass facility. Handy when performing remedial works, or deep maintenance on the system.
– AquaStop (-AS)PCB protective coating offering protection against damp and moisture ingress
– Digital Metering (-DPM)Output Digital Power Metering for monitoring V, A, W, VAR, PF, W Hrs & VAR Hrs and offering  RS-485 interface and event logging
– Output Circuit Breaker (-OCB)Replacement of the Output Contactor with an Output Circuit Breaker
– Alternative Paint Colour (-RAL)Alternative Paint Colour Finish – customer to specify
– UL Recognised Components (-URC)For applications where UL compliance is required, the Stabilizer / Conditioner can be supplied with UL approved Input Breakers and Output Contactors / Breakers, so that the client can obtain on-site UL approval of the installation

All SVR Stabilisers are designed to support the full load at minimum input volts and maximum ambient temperature.

Sales & Support

Data Sheet

– H Series   [220V, 230V, or 240V Models]

Data Sheet

– L Series   [100V, 110V, 115V, 120V or 127V Models]

Guide Specification

Operator / User Manual

CE Certification

SVS Series Single Phase Servo Electronic AC Voltage Stabilisers / Conditioners comply with the relevant European Union (EU) health, safety and environmental protection directives and regulations and are duly CE marked.

Sinalda Declaration

EMC Directive – 2014/30/EU – in force from April 2016

Low Voltage Directive – 2014/35/EU – in force from April 2016


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L Series (110-127V) – S15 Models
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If you do not find the Voltage Stabiliser or Power Line Conditioner that meets your application’s exact needs, please contact us with your specific detailed requirements.