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PWM Series

Single-Phase Static Electronic
AC Voltage Stabilisers / Regulators
2.1 to 14 kVA

PWM Series - Single Phase
Static Electronic Digital AC Voltage Stabilizers
2.1 to 14kVA

PWM Series microprocessor-controlled Single Phase Static Digital Voltage Stabilisers automatically correct brownouts (by boosting low voltage) and over-voltages (by reducing high voltage). 

Being designed for many years of reliable service, Sinalda’s PWM models provide protection from incoming line voltage sags, spikes and surges/swells. As Static Digital solutions, they are virtually maintenance-free and offer an exceptionally fast speed of correction, making them ideal for the most sensitive of electrical and electronic loads.

They are, intended to ensure the delivery of a stable and quality output voltage and have proven to be particularly popular in IT and Comms style commercial applications.

To learn more about the PWM range of  Single-Phase Static Voltage Stabilisers available from Sinalda UK, please check out the listings, or download the brochure below:

Standard Features include:

Automatic Digital Microprocessor Controlled Voltage Stabilization / Regulation
Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) Static Electronic Design – Virtually Maintenance Free
Wide Permissible Input Voltage Window (173 to 287V)
Precise Output Voltage Accuracy (230V ±1%)
TVSS – Transient Voltage Surge & Spike Suppression Protection
Over and Under Voltage Protection
Comprehensive Digital Front Panel with
– Input & Output Voltage & Frequency Metering
– Output Current Metering
– Full Status Indication
Start-Up Load Protection
Input & Output Breakers
Automatic Electronic Bypass
Inbuilt Manual Maintenance Bypass Switch (excluding PWM-2.1H-S25)
Freestanding IP20 Indoor Enclosure
Hard Wire Input & Output (Plug N Play on PWM-2.1H-S25)
Built to comply with leading International Standards
Supplied with a 2 Year / 24 Months Warranty

Permissible Input Voltage Window (S25):

Swing Nominal VoltageMax Model Rating
S25±25%173 to 287V14 kVA

SELECT | Required Power Rating:

Power Rating (kVA)Max Rating (Amps)PWM-H-S25 Model No
2.1 kVA9.1APWM-2.1H-S25
3.5 kVA15.2APWM-3.5H-S25
5.25 kVA22.8PWM-5.25H-S25
7 kVA30.4APWM-7H-S25
10.5 kVA45.6APWM-10.5H-S25
14 kVA60.8APWM-14H-S25

Note: All PWM Stabilisers are designed to support the full load at minimum input volts and maximum ambient temperature.

General Technical Specification

 – Design Topology:IGBT & MOSFET / Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) Inverter / Rectifier Solid State Design
 – Phase:Single Phase, 2 Wire (1P+N+G/E)
 – Power Ratings:6 Model Ratings-
2.1kVA, 3.5kVA, 5.25kVA, 7kVA, 10.5kVA, & 14kVA
 – Frequency:50 / 60Hz (47 to 63Hz)
 – Power Factor:The Power Factor has no effect on performance providing the stabilizer is being used within its rated capacity
 – Nominal Voltage:220V -230V – 240V, Single Phase, 2 Wire (1P+N+G/E)
 – Input Voltage Window Options (S*):230v ±25% (173 to 287V)
 – Voltage:230V ±1%, Single Phase, 2 Wire (1P+N+G/E)
 – Wave Form:Pure Sine Wave
 – Speed of Response:Ultra-Fast – Within 200 milliseconds
(0.2 Seconds)
 – Efficiency:≥95%
Display Panel – Metering, Alerts & Communication:
 – LCD Front Display Panel – Digital Metering:Volts:Input  & Output Volts
Frequency:Input  & Output Frequency
Loading:Output Current (Amps) & Loading Level (%)
– LCD Front Display Panel – Status IndicationLine:Normal Operation Available
Inv:Stable Output Voltage
Bypass:Overload or Fault – In Automatic Electronic Bypass
Fault:Overload or the existence of an abnormal condition
 – Audible AlarmFault & Over Voltage
 – Communication:RS-232 Interface – DB9 Pin Style Port on the Rear
Protection Features:
 – Over Current:Input & Output Breakers – as Standard 
 – Spike & Surge Protection:MOV (Metal Oxide Varistor)
 – Noise Protection:EMI Filter
 – Overload Protection:More than 105% Output Automatically Disconnected – requiring Manual Restart
 – Over & Under Voltage Protection:Protection against high and low voltage with automatic output disconnection requiring manual restart
(Output Under Limit 188V ±4V, Over Limit 270V ±4V)
 – Short Circuit Protection:Automatic output disconnect requiring manual restart
 – Restart Time Delay:Automatic restart in the event of a power outage with settable time delay
 – Automatic Bypass:Automatic transfer to Bypass in the event of an overload or unlikely system fault
 – Manual Maintenance Bypass:Inbuilt ability to manually re-route the supply feed to bypass the stabilisation function
 (Not available on 2.1kVA – PWM-2.1H-S25 – model)
 – Operating Temperature Range:0°C to +40°C
Derate by 2% for each additional °C up to max 60°C
 – Maximum Altitude:2000 meters (derate by 1% per additional 100 meters)
 – Relative Humidity:Suitable for indoor tropical use – 0 to 95% (non-condensing)
 – Harmonic Distortion:<3% of THD for Linear Load
 – Cooling:Forced Fan Cooling
 – Audible Noise:@ 1 meter <50 dBA (dependent on model rating)
 – Power Connections:Hardwire Input & Output
Plug N Play – IEC-320 (10 Amp) on the 2.1kVA – PWM-2.1H-S25 – model
 – Construction:Sheet Steel Enclosures with Plastic Moulded Front Covers to IP20 / NEMA 1 Style – BS EN 60529  (Castors fitted on 10.5 & 14kVA models)
 – Paint Colour:RAL 7047 (Telegray 4 – Epoxy Powder Coating)
 – Dimensions & Weights (W x H x D – Kg):2.1kVA – PWM-2.1H-S25258 x 333 x 422mm – 23Kg (Packed Carton – 39 x 45 x 54cm – 26Kg)
3.5kVA – PWM-3.5H-S25258 x 333 x 422mm – 29Kg (Packed Carton – 39 x 45 x 54cm – 32Kg)
5.25kVA – PWM-5.25H-S25258 x 333 x 422mm – 30Kg (Packed Carton – 39 x 45 x 54cm – 33Kg)
7kVA – PWM-7H-S25258 x 333 x 422mm – 32Kg (Packed Carton- 39 x 45 x 54cm – 35Kg)
10.5kVA – PWM-10.5H-S25258 x 546 x 531mm – 58Kg (Packed Pallet – 39 x 45 x 54cm – 69Kg)
14kVA – PWM-14H-S25258 x 546 x 531mm – 62Kg (Packed Pallet – 39 x 45 x 54cm – 73Kg)
Certification & Conformance:
 – EMC Conformance:BS EN 55022 and relevant parts of BS EN 61000
 – CE Certification:CE Marked – 2014/30/EU (The EMC Directive) and 2014/35/EU (The Low Voltage Directive)
 – Warranty:2 Years / 24 Months from date of supply

All PWM Stabilisers are designed to support the full load at minimum input volts and maximum ambient temperature.

Sales & Support
Data Sheet – H Series
[220V to 240V Models]

Guide Specification

Operator / User Manual

CE Certification

PWM Series Single-Phase Static Electronic Digital AC Voltage Stabilisers comply with the relevant European Union (EU) health, safety, and environmental protection directives and regulations and are duly CE marked.

Sinalda UK Declaration

EMC Directive – 2014/30/EU – in force from April 2016
Low Voltage Directive – 2014/35/EU – in force from April 2016


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If you do not find the Static Voltage Stabilizer that meets your application’s exact needs, please contact us with your specific detailed requirements.