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Voltage in Sri Lanka

Last Updated: 01 November 2021


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Power Quality in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a small island nation located in South Asia with a population of approximately 22 million people. Providing reliable and affordable electricity to its citizens is crucial for the country’s economic development and social well-being. Sri Lanka has made significant progress in expanding access to electricity in recent years, but the reliability of its electricity supply network still poses a challenge. Power Outages and voltage fluctuations are common occurrences.

Power Sector in Sri Lanka

The power sector in Sri Lanka is managed by the Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB), which is responsible for generating, transmitting, and distributing electricity. Most of Sri Lanka’s electricity is generated from thermal sources such as coal and oil, with a smaller proportion generated from hydropower and renewable energy sources such as solar.

Sri Lanka has made significant progress in expanding access to electricity, with over 99% of the population having access to electricity. However, the reliability of the electricity supply network remains a concern. Sri Lanka experiences frequent power outages, particularly during periods of high demand, which can last for several hours at a time. These outages can significantly impact the country’s economy and its citizens’ daily lives.

One of the main reasons for the unreliable electricity supply in Sri Lanka is the inadequate capacity of the power generation and transmission infrastructure. The country’s power generation capacity has struggled to keep up with increasing demand, leading to frequent load shedding and power outages. The country’s transmission and distribution infrastructure is also outdated and prone to technical faults.

The Sri Lankan government has recognized the importance of addressing these challenges and has implemented policies and programs to improve the reliability of the electricity supply network. One of the main initiatives is the “Sustainable Energy Authority,” which aims to promote sustainable energy development and reduce dependence on fossil fuels.

The government has also introduced public-private partnerships (PPPs) to encourage private investment in the power sector. This has resulted in several new power generation projects being undertaken by private companies, which will help to increase the country’s power generation capacity and improve the reliability of the electricity supply network.

Despite these efforts, challenges remain in ensuring the reliability of Sri Lanka’s electricity supply network. The country’s dependence on thermal sources of electricity leaves it vulnerable to fluctuations in fuel prices and supply shortages. Additionally, the high cost of electricity production and distribution limits the affordability of electricity for many citizens.


In conclusion, the state of the electricity supply network in Sri Lanka is improving, but more work is needed to ensure its reliability. The government’s initiatives to promote sustainable energy development and encourage private investment in the power sector are steps in the right direction. However, continued investment in the electricity sector is necessary to provide reliable and affordable electricity to Sri Lankan citizens.

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