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Voltage in Palestinian Territories

Last Updated: 01 November 2021


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Power Quality in Palestinian Territories

The electricity supply network in the Palestinian Territories faces significant challenges, impacting the reliability and accessibility of electricity for the population. The Palestinian Territories, comprising the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, have unique political and geographical circumstances that have contributed to the complexities in providing a stable electricity supply. Frequent power outages and voltage fluctuations are common occurrences affecting businesses, households, and public services.

Power Sector in Palestinian Territories

In the West Bank, the electricity supply network is primarily managed by the Palestinian Authority (PA) and the Jerusalem District Electricity Company (JDECO). Despite efforts to expand access to electricity, some areas still lack a reliable electricity supply due to infrastructure limitations and financial constraints.

The Gaza Strip, governed by the Hamas-led administration, faces even more severe challenges in its electricity supply network. The Gaza Strip has experienced chronic electricity shortages for years, severely impacting its residents’ daily life. The power supply in Gaza is limited, with residents receiving electricity for only a few hours each day. Fuel and financial shortages, infrastructure damage, and restrictions on importing necessary equipment and materials further exacerbate the situation.

One of the main factors contributing to the electricity supply challenges in both regions is the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The territorial and political disputes have led to restrictions on the movement of goods, including fuel and equipment needed for the electricity sector. In addition, military actions and damage to infrastructure during conflicts have further disrupted the already strained electricity supply network.

Moreover, the Palestinian Territories’ energy sources heavily depend on imports, primarily from Israel and Egypt. This dependency makes the electricity supply vulnerable to fluctuations in external factors, such as political tensions, border closures, and fuel price changes.

Various initiatives have been undertaken to mitigate the challenges and improve the electricity supply network. The Palestinian Authority has sought to increase investments in the electricity sector, improve infrastructure, and diversify energy sources, including exploring renewable energy options. International organisations and donor countries have also provided aid and support to enhance the energy infrastructure and ensure access to electricity for vulnerable communities.

However, the complex political situation and ongoing conflicts present obstacles to achieving a stable and reliable electricity supply network in the Palestinian Territories. Long-term solutions would require addressing the root causes of the energy crisis and finding ways to ensure a sustainable and independent energy supply.


The state of the electricity supply network in the Palestinian Territories remains challenging, with frequent power outages and limited access to electricity in certain areas. The political context, infrastructure limitations, and external dependencies have all contributed to the difficulties in providing a reliable and accessible electricity supply. While efforts have been made to improve the situation, achieving a sustainable and stable energy supply would require continued cooperation, investment, and resolution of political issues to ensure a better quality of life for the residents of the Palestinian Territories.

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