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Voltage in United Arab Emirates

Last Updated: 01 November 2021


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Power Quality in the United Arab Emirates

While historically generation capacity has managed to keep pace with demand, in recent years, the UAE’s rapid economic growth, coupled with a lack of energy conservation measures, has led to escalating demand for electricity.  This has resulted, especially in the summer months as demand rises with the temperature, electricity providers can struggle to satisfy peak demand and brown-outs, and unscheduled power outages can occur.

Power Sector in the UAE

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) boasts a modern and sophisticated electricity supply network that has undergone remarkable development in recent decades. With a strong commitment to infrastructure investment, technological advancements, and diversification of energy sources, the UAE has achieved an impressive level of reliability and efficiency in its electricity supply network.

The electricity sector in the UAE is primarily regulated and managed by individual emirates, each responsible for its own power generation, transmission, and distribution. The major power utilities include the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA), the Abu Dhabi Water and Electricity Authority (ADWEA), and the Federal Electricity and Water Authority (FEWA), serving the Northern Emirates.

One of the UAE’s significant accomplishments is the high electrification rate nationwide. Almost all areas, including remote and rural regions, have access to electricity. This achievement has contributed to a high standard of living, economic growth, and social development throughout the country.

The UAE’s electricity supply network relies on a mix of energy sources. Traditionally, natural gas has been the dominant fuel for power generation due to its abundance and cost-effectiveness. However, the UAE has proactively diversified its energy mix to enhance sustainability and reduce carbon emissions. The country has invested heavily in renewable energy sources like solar and wind power. The UAE is home to several large-scale solar projects, including the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park in Dubai, which has one of the world’s largest solar installations.

This diversification has not only improved environmental sustainability but also bolstered the reliability of the electricity supply network. By reducing dependency on a single fuel source, the UAE is better equipped to handle fluctuations in global energy markets and potential supply disruptions.

Another critical aspect of the UAE’s reliable electricity supply is its investment in infrastructure and smart grid technologies. The country has embraced advanced technologies to enhance the efficiency and resilience of its power infrastructure. These technologies include smart meters, advanced grid management systems, and real-time monitoring, allowing for effective demand-side management and rapid response to grid disturbances.

Despite these achievements, challenges persist, particularly concerning peak demand periods during the hot summer months when electricity consumption soars due to air conditioning usage.


The state of the electricity supply network in the United Arab Emirates is a testament to the country’s commitment to excellence and progress. The UAE has achieved high electrification rates, diversified its energy mix by focusing on renewables, and invested in cutting-edge technologies to ensure a reliable and sustainable electricity supply. As the country continues to grow and develop, its approach to energy infrastructure and its embrace of technological advancements will likely serve as a model for other nations aspiring to build a resilient and efficient electricity supply network.

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