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Voltage in Yemen

Last Updated: 01 November 2021


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Power Quality in Yemen

Yemen’s electricity supply network faced severe challenges due to the ongoing civil war and the country’s fragile economic and political situation. The state of the electricity supply in Yemen has been significantly impacted by the conflict, leading to frequent power outages, limited access to electricity, and a struggling electricity infrastructure.

Power Sector in Yemen

Yemen has historically faced difficulties in providing reliable electricity to its population, even before the civil war began in 2015. The country’s power generation capacity and distribution infrastructure were insufficient to meet the growing electricity demand, resulting in frequent blackouts and electricity rationing.

With the civil war outbreak, Yemen’s electricity supply network suffered further deterioration. Infrastructure damage, fuel shortages, and attacks on power plants and transmission lines have compounded the challenges the electricity sector faces. The conflict has disrupted the regular maintenance and repair of power facilities, exacerbating the unreliability of the electricity supply.

In areas affected by the war, power outages have become a daily occurrence, with some regions experiencing power for only a few hours each day. This instability severely impacts healthcare facilities, businesses, and households, impacting essential services and hindering economic activities.

Moreover, Yemen’s electricity infrastructure heavily relies on imported fuel, primarily diesel and fuel oil, for power generation. The conflict and economic crisis have disrupted fuel imports, leading to shortages and soaring fuel prices, further straining the power sector’s financial sustainability and hampering efforts to provide consistent electricity supply.

The war and its associated challenges have had devastating effects on Yemen’s economy and institutions, including the state-owned Yemen Electricity Corporation (YEC). The corporation has faced significant financial difficulties, resulting in a lack of infrastructure, maintenance, and capacity expansion investment.

The international community and humanitarian organizations have made efforts to provide assistance and support to the electricity sector in Yemen. Some initiatives have focused on repairing damaged power infrastructure, providing fuel supplies, and facilitating humanitarian aid to alleviate the crisis.


Yemen’s electricity supply network has been severely affected by the civil war and the country’s unstable economic and political situation. The conflict has exacerbated pre-existing challenges in providing reliable electricity access to the population. Frequent power outages, limited access to electricity, and damaged infrastructure have become daily realities for many Yemenis. Addressing the electricity supply crisis in Yemen requires a comprehensive and coordinated effort involving national and international stakeholders to address the issue’s root causes and provide sustainable solutions for the country’s electricity needs.

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